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        ZYBREW Profile ZYBREW Development ZYBREW Service
        Home Brewery Unit
        Concept Design

        Basic design confirmation following client’s exact brewing process.

        Possible visiting for onsite evaluation of each project

        Project evaluation for the most cost-effective solution

        More detailed spec sheet for equipment design/production

        Detail project management for progress control

        Brew House

        Detailed drawing and technical sheet for reference.

        3D design for better project evaluation

        More detailed production plan after confirming the project design.

        Strict quality and procedure control during production process

        Weekly production report for arranging local issues on site

        System pre assembly for testing before transportation

        More reasonable arrangement & schedule for customers inspection

        In time maintaining and improvement after testing inspection.

        Fermentation & Storage
        Commissioning & service

        Assured turnkey project installation on site.

        Professional engineering team for installation and commission.

        Onsite training and testing with local clients.

        Detailed documents for installation & operation sharing with clients.

        Lift long maintaining service support for all projects.

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